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Laugh It Up at Liquid With An All-Local Comedy Show

Thursday, July 5-Sunday, July 8


Though naysayers tried to say nay, Boise's dedicated comedy club seems to be trucking along and dishing out the yuks just fine.

The lineup of touring comics coming through Liquid has inspired exponential growth in the number of Boiseans stepping on stage and giving comedy a shot. Enough so that the club is dedicating a whole week just to the locals.

The locals-only showcase will be headlined by Jen Adams, who has taken most of the last year off from performing to take care of her newborn baby. That means she ought to be flush with new material and bristling with pent-up funny waiting to be unleashed.

Opening the show will be one of Boise's favorite comedians, Matt Bragg, as well as Gabe Dunn, who just might sing a song about having sex with cheese.

Boise's funniest nerd, Dylan Cole, will host the show, which means he can just bring up the next comic whenever the audience doesn't get one of his wry Skyrim-as-it-relates-to-contemporary-dating references.