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Latah County Adds LGBT Protections to Personnel Policy


Latah County has added an LGBT nondiscrimination clause to its personnel policy, The Lewiston Tribune reports. 

The clause, added to the county's employee handbook, prohibits discrimination against LGBT people in areas of employment and public accommodations. 

According to The Tribune, Latah County commissioners started talking about adding a nondiscrimination policy in May and June, and approved the measure, along with other changes to the employee handbook, June 29.

Commissioners Richard Walser and Tom Lamar both voted in favor of the measure, which goes into effect immediately. Latah County Commissioner Dave McGraw was not present for the vote. 

Lamar told The Tribune that while he believed Latah County had not engaged in LGBT discrimination, it would be good to make nondiscrimination part of its policy.

Latah County now joins two of its cities—Lewiston and Moscow—in adding civil protections to LGBT citizens.