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Lady Locates Linty Lawbreaker


When a woman arrived at her home in Ontario and found her belongings stacked up and out of order, she didn't let something as base as burglary get in the way of laundry day.

But the next obstacle was just too much to bear. When the woman opened her clothes dryer, inside she found inside Goldilocks herself: Kaylen Paige Reagan, 18, of Ontario, who was hiding from police. The woman, according to a story in the Argus Observer, did what any Mama Bear would: She took a swipe at Reagan, who bolted across the house and was promptly caught and restrained by Papa Bear.

Police were already on the lookout for a man and woman who were suspected of breaking into another house on the same block, and showed up in short order. Reagan was arrested on an extra-large load of charges, including first-degree burglary and attempted theft, fourth-degree assault and harassment.