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Ladies and Genitals, Please Welcome Mostly Muff

Feb. 12, VAC


If you innocently assumed Mostly Muff was a new pastry store or an auto parts supplier, think again. Local illustrator Julia Green's poster for the mostly female, '70s classic rock cover band leaves little to the imagination. From a pair of unzipped, scandalously short jean cut-offs, the words Mostly Muff spring forth amid parted pubes. Vagenious.

On Saturday, Feb. 12, at Visual Arts Collective, Mostly Muff--which features Lisa Simpson from Finn Riggins on guitar, Ivy Meissner from Le Fleur on bass, Gia Trotter from The Very Most and Spondee on keyboards, Tristan Trotter on drums and VAC owner Sam Stimpert on tambourine--will celebrate their triumphant return.

"We're going to dress up, we hope that other people will dress up ... really my muse is Robert Plant. I'm going to wear a sexy, silky shirt, maybe some tight jeans that flare out at the bottom," said Meissner.

Also going down, ahem, that night are performances by '80s male cover band Hairless Whisker, Matt Damon's Love Child, The Dirty Moogs and a dance after party with DJ Dug.