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LA Times: Titus Young Sentenced on Felony Assault Charge


Former Boise State University Bronco and Detroit Lions receiver Titus Young was sentenced Tuesday for assaulting his former attorney, the Los Angeles Times reports

The sentencing was for a felony battery charge he picked up in July 2014, when Young tackled his former attorney and punched him in the face. As part of a plea agreement, Young will spend a year receiving behavioral therapy at the Crosby Center in Escondido, Calif. He will also serve five years probation.

Young has had a troubled relationship with the law since leaving Boise State. In 2013, he was arrested three times in a six-day period for suspicion of driving under the influence; burglary, when he attempted to break into an impound lot where his car had been towed; and again for allegedly breaking into a home.

According to the Times, doctors said Young is the victim of a brain injury suffered following a concussion, and the attack on his attorney occurred at a time when he was being "over-medicated."