L.A. Band Midnight Divide Adds Idaho to First Tour


Midnight Divide frontman Austen Moret's description of his band's sound as "neo-'90s cinematic rock" was too intriguing to ignore. 

The Los Angeles-based alt-rock group is heading out on its first national tour, which takes Midnight Divide from Eugene, Ore., to El Paso, Texas, then back up the California coast with a stop in Idaho at The Bird Stop Coffee House in Caldwell on Saturday, Oct. 1.

Midnight Divide has only been around for a couple of years, but Moret is probably familiar with what it's like to have fans:The singer-songwriter-producer played for Indiana's Purdue University football team before "taking a leap of faith and moving to L.A. to pursue music." The jump paid off, because Midnight Divide's five-track Embrace the Wave EP (self-released, 2015) is a score. The melodies are memorable, if not addictive ("Dreamer" is downright earwormy), and Moret's phrasing and pacing are smart, with well-placed builds and drops giving the songs an almost palpable energy.

There's an Imagine Dragons or One Republic anthemic quality to Midnight Divide's sound, which lends itself so well to visuals
—listen to "Torn" and just try not to envision a meetcute-ends-in-heartbreak montage. Cinematic rock is right.