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Kottonmouth Kings

March 11, Knitting Factory


With marijuana legal in some form or another in more than 20 states, one might think the stoner mystique would be lessened. Apparently not, according to Placentia, Calif.-based Kottonmouth Kings.

Founded in 1994, the Kings are chronic chron rockers with a pedigree that goes back clear to Doggy Style, which was formed by frontman Brad "Daddy X" Xavier in 1983. For the record, that means some of the Kings have been ripped and rapping since Snoop Dogg was in middle school--and long before he laid claim to both canines and cheeba.

Through all those years--and more than a dozen studio albums--the Kottonmouth Kings have stayed true to their genre, combining punk intensity with psychedelic hip hop and a sense of goofball humor (don't believe me? Watch the video for "Kronitron").

As members of the pothead pantheon, the Kottonmouth Kings deserve their royal reputation. Now they're bringing their "high standards" to Boise as part of an anniversary tour.