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Konstruktor DIY SlR Camera

The next challenge? Build it in a bottle.


Everyone has a digital camera nowadays—usually built into a smartphone—enabling users to push every nuance of their lives onto Facebook and Instagram. But there's still something to be said for the old analog method: the click of the shutter, the whirr of the winder; real, physical photos in real, physical photo albums.

Old-school enthusiasts Lomography are determined to make the hands-on experience of analog photography even more tactile, selling a DIY 35mm SLR camera for $35.

The aptly named Konstruktor arrives much like a model car kit, with parts needing to be trimmed out of their plastic frame before assembly. Lomography suggests the assembly of the camera and 50mm F10 lens should take about an hour or two. And if you want to get really meta, you can take some pictures of it as you go.

Once it's assembled, you can point, shoot and find out what it looks like once the film's used up and developed. You'll be a lot more choosy about your shots with only 24 per roll, but isn't that a good thing? Does the online world really need to see your every meal? And for fans of Instagram's retro filters, where do you think they got that look in the first place?