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Koi - Opening Soon


The Name Game

A meager staff of little more than a handful we are. Add to that the excuse that we're often relying on a slightly unproductive combination of overworked creativities and underfunded coffee budgets, and we think we have a pretty convincing argument for asking yet another brain favor of our readers. Actually, we need another name-favor, to be specific.

Last October, shi-shi 8th Street Japanese restaurant Koi was informed that a similarly named uber-shi-shi restaurant with a list of swanky big city locations, including Los Angeles, Bangkok and New York was claiming legal dibs on the name, and would be requiring Boise's Koi to get lost, nominally speaking, that is. Legal mumbo jumbo aside, Koi is on a name hunt, and preferably for a moniker that aptly encompasses the restaurant-soon-to-be-formerly-known-as-Koi's shift into what owner Carlos Tijerina describes as "more Asian comfort food."

This is where you, witty readers, enter the equation: Koi wants you to rename the restaurant. Yep, if you had a posh little Asian comfort food sushi destination restaurant on 8th Street, what would you call it? The contest has already started, and submissions are being accepted through the end of July. In August, a panel of people who matter—like Tijerina, his business partner Billy Pho, Pho's wife Tammy Song, and one of Boise Weekly's own—will whittle the ideas down to a single winner. But, of course, the restaurant-soon-to-be-formerly-known-as-Koi doesn't expect to ask for such brilliance without recompense. That's right, it's a paid gig. He or she who replaces "Koi" with its new name will be the recipient of a $500 gift certificate to the restaurant.

Got an idea? Drop it off at or mail it in to Koi (800 W. Idaho St. Ste. 112) or Mai Thai (750 W. Idaho St.). Be sure to include your own name, your contact information and the meaning behind the name if there is one. Boise Weekly is also taking submissions via the Internet at (click on the "Help Us Rename Koi" button on the homepage).

On the Horizon

Summer breeds new restaurants in Boise like Gizmo in a wading pool. For foodies on the constant look out for someplace new to dine, that's good news. Here's what's opening up on the not-too-distant horizon:

Boise City Grill, downtown Boise on the corner of 8th and Idaho

Ahi Sushi, Eagle

The Original Pancake House, Eagle

Bonefish Grill, Meridian

Genki, Boise

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And now some love for the love

A big fat cookie-covered clap to you who cooked BW a batch of cookies in response to last week's Food News. We done ate them all and we done loved them all.