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Kobo e-Books at Rediscovered

Finally: an e-reader that supports your local bookstore


Among bibliophiles who love e-readers, there has always been a bit of buyers' guilt—you want to support your local bookstore but you've got to go to the big guys to get the electronic versions of your favorite books.

Well, thanks to Kobo and Rediscovered Bookshop in Boise, that's no longer a conundrum.

Rediscovered's trade association has partnered with Kobo, which offers e-books from all the major publishers. This means that once you set up a Kobo account through Rediscovered's website, you can have access to more than 4 million books and the local bookstore shares in the profits.

Offering their customers this level of access to e-books is something that small, local booksellers like Rediscovered weren't able to do before the Kobo partnership, said shop owner Bruce DeLaney.

Kobo supports all e-reader devices with the exception of Kindle, but also offers its own line of e-readers. Rediscovered sells several of the readers in the store, including the 5-inch mini ($80), the 6-inch Glo with a clearer screen and backlight ($130), and it will soon carry the Arc, which is the same size as an iPad and functions as a tablet. The Arc costs roughly $200, depending on how much memory it has.

To start buying digital locally, visit Rediscovered in person or online.