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Kiss My Apps: Vote For These Election Widgets

See Your Ballot, Politwoops and Ad Hawk


Events like Halloween, Christmas and the Super Bowl are usually celebrated with a swirl of apps. Why should Election Day be any different? Here are some of our favorite politics-in-your-pocket apps. Some are cool, some are wonky but all are useful.

See Your Ballot is a Web-based app crafted by and Possibly the most utilitarian of them all, See Your Ballot asks for your address and displays the full slate of presidential candidates (and third-party candidates), statewide propositions and constitutional measures. It also allows you to build your own adviser teams from people or organizations you trust.

The New York Times' Election 2012 app is available for iPhone and Android and offers an exhaustive library of polls, editorials and videos, along with the Times' best-in-the-business coverage.

Politwoops, another Web-based app, is a bit of fun, chronicling all the tweets that politicians wish they had never sent (and thought they had deleted).

Ad Hawk, available for iPhone and Android, is a great little gadget that helps you identify who is behind those nasty political ads as they air. Hold your smartphone up to the TV or radio and Ad Hawk identifies that silly super PAC that's clogging your entertainment pleasure.