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Kiss My Apps: PhoneGuard Drive Safe

Mobile peace of mind.


You are terrified. Your teenager just got his or her driver's license. You need to know about PhoneGuard Drive Safe, a free app for Android and Blackberry.

The technology is complex, but the result is simple. The app disables the phone's texting and keyboard functions when the phone is in a car moving faster than 10 mph. A parent can load the app onto a phone and set a password. The app is always on and it pings GPS every few seconds. If the owner of the phone (your kid) tries to text, the app sends a friendly reminder that the car is in motion.

But say your teen is a passenger in the car and wants to text--the app can be temporarily disabled remotely.

PhoneGuard was developed through a partnership with the Remember Alex Brown Foundation, in honor of a young girl who lost her life texting while driving.

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