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Kiss My Apps: EW's Must List

Weekly Top Ten


I'm not sure if I love the EW Must List app because of its simplicity or because it's cutting edge. Each week, editors from Entertainment Weekly put together a Top 10 list of what's new, what's cool and what's about to break out and become a pop culture phenomenon. Weekly subscribers of EW are quite familiar with the front-of-the-magazine feature that is popular because it's a perfect blend of popular culture (TV favorites, box office hits) with ahead-of-the-curve picks (independent films, just released novels). For instance, last week's list included the new ABC series Body of Proof, the release of Black Swan on DVD and The Sorcerer's Apprentice, the new non-fiction account of one of Spain's trendiest restaurant. Previous lists have previewed the upcoming HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce, Win Win--a Paul Giamatti movie that will open at The Flicks later this spring--and the new Garage Band iPad app. Ten new picks are sent every Thursday. Movies, television, best sellers, video games, apps and even new plays on Broadway are included. Each pick allows you to sample music and video clips in high-def and the app lets you purchase songs, e-books and movie tickets directly. EW's Must List app is free for iPhones and iPads.