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Kiss My Apps: Air Video

Available at iTunes.


Your smartphone keeps getting smarter. Air Video, a new app from InMethod, allows you to view the entire video collection stored on your home server without maxing out your iPhone or iPad hard drive.

Air Video's free version (available at the Apple store) limits your viewing to three items, but a $2.99 version allows you to access every movie, trailer and television show on your home server. You can also add and share any videos from your iTunes playlists.

Once you have uploaded the app, you'll be prompted to identify your server (using an address or PIN). Once the server is added, you can browse all of your folders. The app also converts your videos to iPhone or iPad compatibility on the fly. You never have to wait until the entire video is converted.

Air Video also allows you to access your videos anywhere on the Internet using your home router's public IP address.