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Kirkkerland Fan

One cool way to stay cool


They say of people who wear sunglasses indoors that the sun never sets on the cool. If you need more than a pair of shaded specs to be chill, we'd like to suggest the Kikkerland fan, a little go-go-gadget our own Minerva Jayne found just in time for summer at the Flying M gift shop. It plugs into the USB mini port on your iPhone, doesn't seem to consume much battery and blows air at a brisk (and cooling) pace. The plastic blades are pretty sturdy but soft enough not to nick you up if you touch them when they're moving—something you're bound to do because the fan's one drawback is that it sits right above your iPhone home button like Mike Piazza used to cover home plate. If for just a moment, though, you can forget about updating your status, posting pics of your food or downloading new emoji packs, you can sit back and let the Kikkerland fan kick a cool breeze your way.