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Kinetic, Friday, Terrapin Station


This week, the local trio Kinetic brings their clever, quiet music to Terrapin Station.

Kinetic--like so many bands before them--has faced a few line-up changes, but Tyler Farling (voice, guitar, piano, synthesizer), Aaron Strawser (voice, guitar, piano) and Landry Watson (drums) seem to be going strong.

Both Farling and Strawser are originally from Indiana and have been playing music together for years. According to the band's Web site, getting started again has been hard. They claim frustration with "today's music industry" but strive to get their music out to the world at large. Kinetic has put out a five-song EP entitled Where We Left Off that showcases their melodic, sometimes melancholy sound. "Listen" is an especially sweet and sad song with a lovely falsetto at the end. "In Between" uses a marching band beat under Radiohead-esque notes to convey a somber mood.

Used to performing at smaller venues, Kinetic is beginning to branch out which means reaching more people. On the heels of a successful show at the Bouquet, they're playing Friday night at Terrapin Station. They also have a show coming up at Neurolux and a return engagement at the Bouquet. The word kinetic means "relating to the effects of forces upon the motions of material bodies." Keep an eye out for this Kinetic: they're definitely in motion.

Friday, April 21, 9:30 p.m., $3, opening for Jeff Crosby and Driftwood Theory, Terrapin Station, 1519 W. Main St.