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Killola, April 15, Neurolux


L.A.-based band Killola put on a rocking show last night despite the fact that only 40 people came out. This for a band that sold out in New York and L.A. only a few weeks ago.

"It's OK," Lisa Rieffel said. "Whether it's 20, 40 or 100 peopleā€”if they're into it, it doesn't matter."

Rieffel sported an innocent look, dressed in a flower-print dress and pigtails all while spouting out crude lyrics. She knows how to put on a show. The petite front-woman was the center of attention from the get-go with jumps, kicks, sprints and floor crawls. Ranging from screams to raspy whispers to full-on belts, her vocals were spot on.

They played a fairly short set which consisted of a handful of songs from their album I am the Messer, some tracks from their new album, "Let's Get Associated," and a cover of Toni Basil's "Mickey." Between songs, they took breaks for shots, and bassist Johnny Dunn indulged the audience with stories from the tour and a series of random facts about the band.

At around 11 p.m., they called it a night after playing an encore song during which Rieffel showed her appreciation by smacking each and every one of the 15 people on the dance floor on the butt.

After the show, members of both Killola and openers Sick of Sarah hung around to chat with fan and sign merchandise. Rieffel admitted that if nothing else, Boise was successful because fans managed to get her a bit drunk.

Dunn and Rieffel said that in Des Moines, Iowa they had performed for a mere three people. "Yeah, we started with three people and then one motherfucker left!" Riefel said. "So Boise wasn't that bad."

"The people were dancing," Rieffel added. "They had a good time. That's all that matters."