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Kickin' it Up

The Week in Review


This was a week of kick-offs. And, no, we're not talking about hulking men fiddling with their pigskins. This week brought an onslaught of new launches in the A&E world.

Liquid kicked off its Liquid Laughs comedy series with bowl-cut oddball Emo Philips on Jan. 13. BW's Josh Gross squeezed into the sold-out show for a full hour of Philips' demented comedic stylings, which included hit bits, like the line about getting in trouble for not opening a car door for a date ... instead he just swam for the surface. Gross said of the show:

"While it may not have had them 'rolling in the aisles,' like his gig the previous week at an epileptics convention, the sold-out audience was more than satisfied."

But Philips didn't stop with the comedy. He joined local Americana act Jonathan Warren and the Billy Goats on stage for a recorder solo during a late-night rendition of TLC's "Waterfalls." The oh-so-awesome video is posted at

On the music launch front, Treefort Music Fest threw a sold-out launch bash on Jan. 16, featuring bands Youth Lagoon, Mozam Beaks and Lerk. Reef was packed with Treefort ticket holders and eager festival volunteers who came from as far away as Salt Lake City. Lerk and Mozam cranked out electro jams to a swaying crowd of PBR tallboy holders, and Youth Lagoon's Trevor Powers delivered his most polished set performed in Boise to date. The stage was decked out with a large screen, on which mirrored, split-screen videos of fields swaying and flowers blooming formed an oddly yonic backdrop.

In other music haps, local music blogger Matt Jones of Audio Milk unveiled a new website last week called Deer Lodge. Jones will work with local filmmaker Tyler T. Williams to create an In The Woods-esque blog featuring documentary-style videos in unusual locales. Though the concept isn't new, we're psyched to see how the project plays out in Boise.

On the touring front, BW staffer Andrew Crisp watched Idaho natives Nurses bring the noise to Neurolux on Jan. 13. Crisp noted that the Portland, Ore.-based group's jams were spacey and a bit dulling to the senses, given the volume emanating from the stage. He also suggested that the show "might've fared better at a more intimate venue, where listeners could pick out each song's eccentricities."

Also on Jan. 13, freelancers Whitney Rearick and John Reusser caught the New Age dance spectacle Momix: Botanica at the Morrison Center. Filled with elaborate costumes, puppetry and props, the show featured scampering scarlet chicks, galloping brown centaurs and buzzing insects evocative of Dr. Seuss and Disney's Fantasia.

Rearick snapped a few stunning, mildly erotic photos of the performance, while Reusser mused:

"In an age of sterile digital effects, Botanica's innovative use of the human form was refreshingly old-school."

Unfortunately, he added, the performance was lacking in depth and plot.

[ Video is no longer available. ]