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Keiki Kuku Futons

babies slumber in style


Ask any new parent what are some of the most surprising things about having a baby, and they might smile and say, "The unconditional love I feel for my child." But before long, a tear may slowly creep down Mommy's or Daddy's cheek, prompting them to honestly add, "Oh, yeah, and the lack of sleep," which may then be followed by the onset of giant, hiccuping sobs. Once the crying stops and the new parent can again speak, reconsideration of the question might lead to an exclamation of, "I can't believe how fast the Wee Baby outgrows everything!"

Keiki Kuku futons, handmade right here in Boise, don't promise a full night's rest for parents, but in the intervals when precious sleep does occur, Wee Babies will be on a soft cushion.

Inside, Keiki Kukus are stuffed with pre-shrunk 100 percent cotton and polyfill, then hand-quilted to "ensure stuffing stays stuffed." Outside, bright cheerful fabrics (pre-washed with gentle detergent) provide comfort and color that Wee Baby will love, and the simple button-and-loop design allows them to be carried like a bedroll, making them convenient bring-alongs

And unlike an ordinary blanket, Keiki Kukus are made to be durable, which means someday, when Mom and Dad visit Now-Grown-Adult with a gift of a Keiki Kuku for the new Wee Grandbaby, they may find an exhausted Now-Grown-Adult weeping into his childhood Keiki Kuku.