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Kegs 4 Kause: A Toast for Fire Recovery



The Pioneer Fire in 2016 burned more than 190,000 acres in the Boise National Forest and racked up almost a billion dollars in damage, making it the biggest fire in history on federal lands. Among the casualties were trails and yurts maintained by the Idaho City Backcountry Yurt and Trail System. Leo Hennessy, non-motorized trails coordinator for Idaho Parks and Recreation, estimates rebuilding and repairing yurts and trails could cost more than $200,000—a huge hit to a program sustained by volunteers and profits from yurt rentals.

To help, Payette Brewing is hosting a fundraiser with auctions and reservation dibs for the 2016-2017 rental season, and donating 50 percent of beer sales to the yurt-and-trail-restoration fund.

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