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Keeping the Beer Frosty


Just thinking about this issue makes me thirsty. And yes, sadly, a cold domestic beer would do the trick in this heat. Had I been one of the Coldest Beer testers this year, I might feel differently about that. Having spent many early summer evenings over the past decade hopping from bar to bar, thermometer in hand, I know that by the time testers have scratched every bar off their lists, they don't care if they ever see another pale yellow, watery light beer again. Ever. So, thanks, to those of you who took one for the team and spent some time drinking and getting paid for it. We know it's tough work. Wink. Nod.

Readers, you may notice a bar or two missing from the list. Over the years, some bars have decided they don't want to play our stupid coldest beer game, and as a result, we've just said, "Fine, we don't want to play with you anyway." However, those cases are few and far between and we are mere humans, so it's entirely possible we missed a bar that should be on our testing list. See something missing? Drop us a line. (Don't forget: To be tested, bars and restaurants must be locally owned and have tap beer.)

If you caught my Note last week, you know that in celebration of Boise Weekly's 21st birthday, which was last week, we're soliciting photos of our readers from the year they were 21. Don't send anything you don't want published and if it's pre-digital and you need some help scanning, stop by the office at Sixth and Broad streets and we'll put out fancy technology to work. For those of you who are already digital, send your photo to 21@boiseweekly.com. We'll accept photos until Tuesday, July 10.

Finally, I'd encourage everyone to check out this week's News story and, more importantly, to take the quiz on Page 8. We wandered Boise with a video camera and asked Boiseans to answer a few of the questions new Americans are expected to know. Log on to boiseweekly.com to see their often-interesting responses.