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Karl Rover


Two teams of equal size line up against each other holding hands. One side (the incumbents) pick a person on the other side and chant, "Karl Rover, Karl Rover, send so-and-so on over." This person has been identified as a CIA operative and must now leave their team and rush headlong into the opponnent's team line. Selecting which link may be the weakest between two teammates is the strategy here. If the CIA operative manages to break through the lines, he chooses one person from the incumbents to rejoin his team. If the operative fails to break through, then he must join the incumbents team. Good strategy includes picking the weakest opponents if you are the team selecting, or targeting the weakest links if you are the CIA operative. Beware the Supreme Court ruling, an obscure loophole in the rules which forces spectators to join the game in a "jail" for not identifying rule breakers. Ultimately, and unlike in real life, all players will end up on one team, leaving no losers except the spectators in Jail.