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Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Oct. 13, Reef


Karl Denson might think his universe is tiny, but take that much horn, guitar, sax, keyboard, funk and groove and mix it up, and there's no way one little solar system can contain it.

Denson, a skilled saxophonist/flautist/vocalist, is known for co-founding The Greyboy Allstars in the early '90s as well as for his work with Lenny Kravitz. While jazz festivals across the world reveled in Denson's sax jams, with KDTU he added more funk, soul, R&B and hip-hop. In an article from earlier this year, Denson explained his sound. "My style is based in dance," he said. "I love the idea of creating something that naturally makes people want to move. I think all music has the ability to unite people."

In 2009, KDTU released Brother's Keeper a ridiculously soulful album so funky that if '60s girl group influenced songs like "Shake It Out" don't make you at least tap your feet, you might want to check to see if you're dead.