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Karin Comes Killing, Ripchain, The Very Most , Thomas Paul


On Nov. 13, a handful of rockers put on a show to honor the troops at the Knitting Factory. Two of the groups--Karin Comes Killing and headliners Ripchain--may not be the most well known now, but they may be on their way to changing that. KCK--which includes ex-Midline guitarist Scott Elliott and ex-Midline bassist Stymie Grill--wowed a fairly packed house as energetic frontman Dave Waters (of OCD) sang, growled and bantered with the crowd. It's good to see and hear Grill and Elliott together on stage again, as well as the chemistry they seem to have with Waters. Look forward to hearing more and more from them in the near future. Visit for more info.

Ripchain, which has been together since 2004, has long had a reputation for being a little softer than some of their more hard rock/metal peers. Not any more. Only vocalist David Ford and lead guitarist Joff Stone remain of the band's original members, but with the addition of management and ex-Aces & Eights drummer Rene Ramirez and bassist James Turner, the band has turned a corner and the volume has been turned way up. Any rounded edges Ripchain once had are gone, replaced by speed and power. It will be interesting to see where this new energy takes them. Visit for more on these guys.

Turning it down a few notches, chanteur Thomas Paul has been out on the road with musician Nick Jaina for several weeks now. Paul will be back in town this week and plans to dive in to recording a new album, with a planned release date of Saturday, Jan. 15, 2011. If it's anything like his 2010 release, House on Fire, it's sure to contain beautifully arranged, heart-wrenching material. Read updates from Paul at

Got a yen for some sweet indie-pop? On Saturday, Nov. 20, at the Linen Building, lovely locals The Very Most will celebrate the release of their first-ever actual record. The vinyl 7-inch, titled Patricia, will be the last from these guys for a while since they will leave the stage that night for a year-long hiatus. They're doing a video shoot that night and hope to fill the dance floor for the shoot.

Admission is only $5 and TVM will be joined by Adam and Darcie, Fauxbois and A Seasonal Disguise. More on the show at