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Karin Comes Killing, Lust Greeds Envy, Character Flaw, Black Tooth Grin and Slain in Silence, Saturday, Oct. 24, Knitting Factory


This show is a veritable bloody feast of locals with Lust Greeds Envy, winners of this summer's Local X Fest put on by 100.3 The X, who are releasing a new video. They'll be joined by guests Karin Comes Killing, Character Flaw, Black Tooth Grin and Slain in Silence. This show is the Boise premiere of KCK, founded by former Midline members Scott Elliott and Stymie Nolastnamegiven.

The story behind KCK, though more allegory than actuality, is appropriately creepy for the week of All Hallow's Eve. Karin, a self-proclaimed serial killer, contacted the members of the band individually and suggested they gather together to tell her message in music or face dire consequences. (Insert horror movie sound effect here.) According to KCK's Myspace page, Karin continues to send "random stories, news clippings of unsolved crimes and cryptic thoughts on everything from the voices she hears to murders and disturbing theories. We are currently in the process of organizing all materials Karin has sent and they will all be available to view on our web site shortly." Creepy, right?

The show starts at 7:30 p.m., tickets are $6. Visit KCK's Myspace page if you'd like free tickets.