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Kaixo and Ongi Etorri (Hello and Welcome)

The big "B" could just as easily stand for "Basque."


That big "B" on Table Rock stands for "Boise," but at least once every five years it could (and maybe should) just as easily mean "Basque."

The Basque community has given much to the City of Trees—Basque history and culture are intimately linked with Boise's own past, present and future, and are valued, even defining, elements of life in the Treasure Valley.

As if that wasn't enough, every five years, we get to experience Basque culture on a grand scale: Welcome to Jaialdi.

Jaialdi is a weeklong celebration of all things Euskadi, drawing visitors from across the United States and as far as the home cities of Spanish and French Basque Country. In keeping with the importance of Boise's Basque heritage, this week's Boise Weekly gives over a big chunk of space to Jaialdi-related coverage.

Resident BW Basque expert Tara Morgan presents an A-to-Z guide to Jaialdi, running through 26 words, phrases, foods and cultural items intrinsic to Europe's "mystery people."

We've also included a special pull out calendar that profiles only Jaialdi happenings.

BW Staff Writer Harrison Berry checks in with Basque artist Judas Arrieta, whose work is currently showing at Ming Studios. Arrieta's unique style explores Western cultural themes through the eyes of an international traveler, asking what it means to identify with a particular nationality.

Beyond the Basque-ness of our Jaialdi offerings, be sure to check out BW News Editor George Prentice's update on the federal court case surrounding alleged records tampering and prisoner mistreatment within the Idaho Department of Correction.

Finally—and how's this for burying the lead—inside this week's edition, you'll find our Annual Manual, which has more than 50 glossy pages filled with an entire year's worth of events from Canyon County to McCall, and Boise to Sun Valley.

It's going to be a crazy week filled with fine food, great music and more kalimotxos than we'll admit to drinking, so here's to Jaialdi. On egin!