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Juvenile Willy Lowmans Terrorize West Boise


It takes quite a sales force to make telemarketers and spammers look respectable. But a crew canvassing West Boise last week did just that, through a winning combination of pushiness, underhandedness and alleged theft. Boise Police cited nine people from a 30-person door-to-door sales crew for soliciting without a license on the weekend of July 9. The group, made mostly of young adults, were selling cleaning products and magazine subscriptions, according to Boise Police. They were also reportedly traveling in vehicles with Texas license plates, and weren't opposed to sticking their respective feet in closing doors to hawk their wares. By Sunday, officers had confiscated $700 in payments and a book instructing the solicitors to say they were raising money for college or charities to make the sales. One resident also reported that she was asked for a drink by one of the salespeople, but when she came back both her purse and the salesperson had vanished. That'll teach her to get a drink for a thirsty young'un!