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Justice Will Be Doled Out By Middle-School Smartasses


Think back to your junior high assistant principal. He (if he was a he) had undoubtedly one of the most thankless jobs in the school. His role was that of perennial adult, the authoritarian who broke up the fights, chased around truant feral teens and, basically, embraced the role of hated antagonist in the minds of a herd of students already stuck in the middle of the cruelest and most hateful phase of their social development. Now imagine how thrilled you, as one of those teens, would have been to hear that your assistant principal had been arrested for driving drunk and naked through town.

In that spirit, maybe it can be forgiven that when Curtis Sower, 55, was arrested in starkers, as the British say, for DUI in August, he chose not to tell his employers at Payette's McCaine Middle School. Then again, maybe it can't be forgiven. That's for his employers at the Payette School District to decide.

For his part, Sower told the police that things had simply gotten out of hand, and pants, between him and his girlfriend in the parking lot of the Dutch Goose. He initially pleaded not guilty to the DUI charge and requested a jury trial, but changed his plea on November 6, according to the Argus Observer. Sower's punishment included $550 in fines, two days in the work-release center, a 180-day suspension of his driving privileges and 24 months of probation.