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Jury Deadlocks On Da Pimp


It's not a jury's job to enforce the rules of grammar. All a jury is charged to do is to come to a consensus after viewing evidence. And yet, the 12 good men and true (and women, too) holding sway at the trial of accused pimp Chris Teague failed to fulfill either task when the foreperson stood up last Friday and delivered this line in district court: "We the jury in the above entitled case unanimously find the defendant deadlocked."

Um ... not exactly. Far from being personally deadlocked, Teague is adamant that he is innocent and that the county prosecutor's office is pursuing the charges because of personal agendas against him and his businesses, the strip clubs Erotic City and Night Moves and the escort service AAA-Anytime Escorts. Deputy County Prosecutor Jonathan Medema and Teague's defense lawyer D.C. Carr collectively called 35 witnesses over Teague's two-week trial for accepting the earnings of a prostitute, including several who wore--and shared--a blonde wig in order to mask their identities from the TV-ogling masses. The show will recommence on June 18.