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June Rainbow Trout Stocking Report

Fish and Game personnel will be releasing more than 36,000 catchable-sized rainbow trout during June. Some of the locations include:


Boise River (Boise)4,000

Boise River (Eagle to Middleton)2,000

Boise River (Middle Fork)2,000

Boise River (North Fork)2,000

Crooked River500

Eagle Island Pond1,000

Grimes Creek500

Lowman Ponds1,000

McDevitt Pond (Meridian)500

Merrill Pond (Eagle)500

Mores Creek500

Parkcenter Pond (Boise)1,000

Payette Lake, Upper10,000

Quinn's Pond (Boise)500

Riverside Pond (Boise)250

Veteran's Pond (Boise)1,000