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June 7, 2006


”When I dream, I am ageless.” —Elizabeth Coatsworth

Dear Dream Zone, My dream is set in a lake. There is a capsized boat in the water so I dive into the water with what appears to be my dog and we inspect the wreckage. I attempt to open the doors, which appear to be stuck. After several attempts, I am able to pry the doors open and find a young girl, about 6 or seven years old. She has long, blonde hair and is dressed in a burgundy, velvet dress with ivory lace and satin bows. Although this girl appears to dead, she can speak with me. I convince her to swim to the surface with the dog and me. As I reach the surface of the water, I awaken. —Anonymous 38, Hudson, NY

Lauri: Wreckage in dreams symbolizes the aftermath of something that suddenly went wrong in waking life. What in your life has been "turned upside down" that before had been "smooth sailing?" Dogs in dreams symbolize loyalty. This dog could be standing in for a loyal companion of yours, a friend, your hubby, etc. OR this dog could represent your own loyalty. Is your loyalty leading you to try to resurrect something (the little girl) that has gone horribly wrong?

Anonymous replies: I am astounded! Not understanding this dream has really bothered me for a long time. Approximately two to three years ago, there was infidelity on my part, which led to a brief period of separation. After some real hard soul searching we have begun to work on resurrecting our marriage.

Fascinating Dream Fact: In my own independent study, conducted through my website www.thedreamzone.com , of 1,500 people surveyed, approximately 31 percent are able to control their dreams!