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June 5, 2017: What to Know


  • Bingo Barnes
  • ISIS is staking its claim on the terror attack Saturday in London, which left seven dead including three assailants and dozens more injured. Meanwhile, U.S. President Donald Trump continued to use the incident to defend his proposed ban on travelers from majority-Muslim nations. The New York Times reported Trump is once again at "the center of partisan media combat." One CNN host called Trump a "man baby," while a guest on Fox & Friends proposed Muslims in the U.K. be placed in internment camps. The former statement prompted Fox hosts to push back from the remark. "On behalf of the network, I think all of us here find that idea reprehensible here at Fox News Channel," co-host Clayton Morris told viewers. Trump unleashed a fresh barrage of tweets Monday morning, circling back on his push for the travel ban.
  • Competing protests in Portland, Ore., on Sunday dialed up the anger and tension between pro- and anti-Trump activists. The Washington Post reported protesters took up "axes, crowbars, dozens of sticks, makeshift clubs, canisters of mace, knives, hammers, batons and even a set of brass knuckles." The Post said thousands of protesters and counterprotesters filled the streets in the heart of Portland's business and government district.
  • Haze filled the early morning sky Monday over the Treasure Valley as smoke from an Elmore County wildfire drifted into the region. According to the Bureau of Land Management, the fire swept through grass and brush not far from the town of Glenns Ferry, near mile marker 119 of Interstate 84. The fire had already scorched about 600 acres when it was contained before sunrise. Six engines, one bulldozer, one water tender and a helitack crew battled the blaze, which was sparked about 8 p.m. Sunday and whipped by high winds. The fire is expected to be under complete control by 4 p.m. Monday.
  • Meanwhile, fire crews from Boise, Eagle and Star worked to contain a grass fire Sunday night near Jay and Janie roads in Eagle. Again, high winds fanned the flames, but fire crews contained the blaze after it scorched about one acre.
  • The Golden State Warriors took a two-game advantage in the NBA championships Sunday night, defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers 132-113. The Warriors' Stephen Curry posted his first career playoff triple-double with 32 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds. The best of seven series makes its way to Cleveland on Wednesday, June 7.
  • Ballet dancer Gray Davis makes leaps for a living, but in the late-night hours of Saturday, June 3, he took the leap of his life. The New York Times reported Davis, who had just watched his wife perform with the American Ballet Theater at the Metropolitan Opera House, jumped onto midtown Manhattan subway tracks to rescue a homeless man who witnesses said had been pushed by a young woman following an altercation. "People were screaming to get help," Davis told The Times. "But nobody jumped down. So I jumped down." Once he picked up the unconscious man and lifted him onto the upper platform, Davis then had to get himself to safety ahead of an oncoming train. "I never realized how high it was," said Davis. "Luckily, I'm a ballet dancer, so I swung my leg up."  Police arrested a Bronx woman in connection with the incident, charging her with assault. Davis said he was not performing Saturday night because he was still recovering from a herniated disk.

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