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June 23, 2017: What to Know


  • Bingo Barnes
  • U.S. Department of Interior Ryan Zinke announced Thursday that the Yellowstone grizzly will be removed from the endangered species list after 42 years. Zinke, a Montana native, said the number of grizzlies in and around Yellowstone—which has grown from fewer than 150 to 700—was "one of America's great conservation successes, the culmination of decades of hard work and dedication on the part of state, tribal, federal and private partners." Idaho Department of Fish and Game Director Virgil Moore said people are already asking about hunting, in the wake of the announcement Thursday. "The decision about whether there's going to be limited grizzly hunting in Idaho is one for down the road," said Moore in a prepared statement. "That decision would rely on recommendations of Fish and Game's professional wildlife managers, coordination with our neighboring states, and public discussion."
  • Boise Police are investigating yet another fatal motorcycle accident, the fifth such incident in Southwest Idaho in a week. On Thursday, 23-year-old Aleksandr Tymoshchuk of Meridian was killed when his northbound motorcycle hit a southbound pickup truck on Cole Road. Tymoshchuk wasn't wearing a helmet and died on the scene. That crash follows a string of other motorcycle-involved fatalities including those on State Street in Boise (June 21), Riverside Road in Canyon County (June 20), Warm Springs Avenue in Boise (June 20) and Idaho 21 in Boise County (June 15).
  • Boise Police have released photos of an armed man who held up a U.S. Bank branch on the 1500 block of Orchard Street Thursday afternoon. He has been described as a white male, 5 foot 10 to 6 feet tall, heavy set with gray hair and approximately 40 years old. He was wearing a gray hoodie and black mask. Anyone with information is urged to call 911.

  • The Federal Communications Commission says it may know the man behind one of the robo-call schemes using local telephone numbers and recording equipment to tell people they've "won" vacation passages. The FCC has identified the suspect as Adrian Abramovich of Miami, Fla., And CBS News reports that the feds are proposing a $120-million fine for his shenanigans. If approved in court, the penalty would be the biggest of its kind.

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