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June 15, 2005

A swelling of Pride • More swelling of Pride • That's Swell • Swelter

A swelling of Pride

I want to thank Boise Weekly for its enormous support for the Pride events but even more so, I would like to thank P. L. Murphy for the article (BW, The Gay Unproud List, June 8, 2005). It is very important to show what the gay communities of the nation need to work on. Despite over two decades of HIV and AIDS, gay men continue to infect each other. Young gay men like myself have a ubiquitous mentality that AIDS is something to not think about. AIDS has become so passe that wearing a red ribbon at any time other than World AIDS Day makes you look like a militant activist. Now is the time for gay men to wise up and realize that we can let HIV and AIDS affect us emotionally but not physiologically. This disease and how we have dealt with it recently is certainly not something to be proud of.

-Taylor C. Newbold, Boise

More swelling of Pride

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for publishing P.L. Murphy's article. I have attempted over the years to succinctly state these exact things to a few of my family members. With luck, by simply e-mailing the article on to my siblings, my efforts to convey some of my frustrations (and have them heard and understood) may come to an end.

-Jason B. Lazott,

Pittsburgh, PA

That's Swell

I just read the review by Brandon Nolta (BW, CD Review, Double shot of Whiskey: Neil Nelson).

I am a huge fan of Neil Nelson having listened to his 7-track promo CD and purchased his album Double Shot of Whiskey. He added six more songs between CDs and the final album is wonderful.

I think Brandon was right on when he mentioned Neil's music was set for sawdust floors and juke boxes! He is also an amazing live performer and do believe he is planning on a few performances this year across the Northwest.

I would love to see how the entire Double Shot of Whiskey album reviews with Boise Weekly. If you can get your hands on a copy I don't think you will be dissapointed by this local, true country musician!

Here's to a Double Shot of Whiskey!

-Sara Nally,



I am writing in regards to an opinion piece (BW, Opinion, A Day in the Life of a Young Republican, June 1, 2005). After repeatedly reading this short opinion I have come to the conclusion that the liberal wing of the Democratic party has not only taken the party over but has single-handedly destroyed it. Mr. Chris Morris seems to believe that personal attacks and low blows are some sort of argument against the Republican party.

This article, however, goes beyond that. These are not attacks against a political party's policies, this is an attack on conservative people as a whole. What the author of this article fails to understand is that Idaho is one of the most pro-Republican states in America. It is no coincidence that it is also one of the most successful-whether it's our economy, our public education system or the rate at which the masses flock to our state to enjoy the benefits of a conservative society. The facts remain, this state was founded and grown on conservative principles.

The aforementioned opinion piece is childish and irresponsible. Yet this magazine prints it and will probably defend it as "free speech" and/or "independent thought." Imagine now, an article entitled "A day in the life of a young Democrat." Would the Boise Weekly publish it, and if so would they label it "free speech" or "hate mongering?

-Ryan J. Imel,Boise

Editor's Note: Mr. Imel, Before you continue to spout your belief that Idaho is and always was the land of the Republican right-wing conservative, I suggest you read your Idaho history. It is arrogant to assume that people are moving here for the political atmosphere and that the quality of life here is because of the politics. I think you would also find many who disagree Idaho is in good shape economically, and your claim that the education system is one of the "most successful." Just because the balance of political power drastically favors conservatives in this state does not mean that locally it is that way. In Boise, it is more balanced than you seem to think. Simply look at the election results of Ada County in the past few elections. Furthermore, because Boise Weekly considers all opinions for publication-a necessity in a free an open society-why do you see a need to blame the messenger for opinions and ideas that disagree with your own? We have always welcomed opinions from political zealots of all flavors. Does that make us "liberal," or "communist," or "socialist" because we tend to publish more thought provoking opinions from progressives rather than conservatives? We welcome more opinions from other political persuasions.You don't always have to agree with what is said in these pages, but I ask that you respect the opinions of others. Your challenge to us to publish your tit-for-tat revenge piece is a Catch-22. If we don't print it, you will consider your point being made. If we do, then we look bad for either giving in or allowing you to embarrass yourself. Here's the rope.

A Day in the Life of a Young


Grassseed, age 16, awoke with great anticipation. Bobby (Grasseed's second daddy) would be receiving his AIDS treatment and may be feeling well enough today to play frisbee in the park. His other daddy, unfortunately, had to attend a war protest and could not make it. You see, Daddy #1 is unemployed and has all day to spend ridiculing public officials at the capitol building with his homeless friends. Of course there will be the gathering of the usual brainwashed, spoiled, jobless college kids indulging in the retro '60s-style protests in which their parents had met 40 years earlier.

Later, Grasseed will go with Daddy #2 to the welfare office to pick up the food stamps that society "owes them." Although Grasseed may have potential to see that success comes from hard work, he is overwhelmed with images of Democratic political leeches like Ted "Chappaquiddick" Kennedy, John "Elitist" Kerry, and America's favorite crack addict, Marion Berry. Young Grasseed would have had a little sister to invoke a little stability, but thanks to such outstanding senators as Barbara Boxer and Nancy Palosi, her skull was successfully crushed during a partial birth abortion (Mommy used her rights as a woman to "change her mind").

This story could potentially go on, but I will spare us all. I am not an ignorant conservative. I know that this is not how Democrats live their lives. I also know that many of these statements are stereotypes and are just mean spirited. You see, myself and most conservatives have the ability to take in opinions and form moral values, as opposed to throwing out childish and immature stereotypes. I wish I could say the same for Mr. Morris and Boise Weekly.

-Ryan J. Imel,Boise