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June 14, 2006


“So dream when the day is through Dream, and they might come true Things never are as bad as they seem So dream, dream, dream” — “Dream” by Roy Orbison

Dear Dream Zone, I have recurring dreams that my daughter and other loved ones have died. A lot of times it happens that they dissolve into my bed pillow next to me or they dissolve into the carpet in my bedroom. —Janice 43, Livermore, CA

Lauri: Wow! These dreams must be awfully disturbing for you! Don't worry. I am going to make you feel much better about these dreams. The first thing to remember is that death, to the dreaming mind, means the end of life as you now know it. It means that something is changing or coming to an end ... so that something new can emerge. Most likely, you get these dreams whenever there is some sort of change going on with each individual you dream about. The most common changes that tend to cause death dreams are moving, pregnancy and birth, breaking up, marriage, changing jobs and retiring. All of these things require us to leave something behind such as our old identities, old locations, old attitudes or behaviors, etc. so that we can bring something new into our lives. Have any of the people in your dreams gone through any of the above changes around the time you dreamt of them? The inner mind equates change with death because, like death, we don’t know what’s on “the other side” of that change.

Janice replies: I have been divorced for 12 and yes there have been a variety of different things going on. Issues with my daughter’s dad, visitation in another state, 2 moves, I have had a couple relationships, and of course regular family stuff. Thanks for your input on death and the transitions and relationships with people. I feel somewhat better about this.

Fascinating Dream Fact: Srinivasa Ramanujan, one of India's greatest mathematical geniuses who proved over 3,000 theorems in his lifetime, claimed inspiration and insight for his work often came to him in his dreams.