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June 1, 2005

With my little Eye • Panty Raid • Garden Kudos • Driscoll Buzz • Mcbiking • The Blob

With my little Eye

I have something to say about your comic "Eye Spy." You call it "real dialogue from the naked city" but you never leave the Boise Weekly offices!

I don't want to be a rude jackass, but there are intersting things said all around Boise, you know. Go to Merritt's, or Flying M, or even Twin Dragon. Spy on normal people at another table if you have to. Honestly, some of the silliest things I've heard come out of the mouths of ordinary people.

-Matt Kociol,


Editor's Note: We left the office one day and there was this big glowing thing in the sky. Someone called it the "sun" but we were scared. You have a point. Our staff believes we have the funniest things to say out of anyone in Boise so we usually just quote ourselves. At one time, "Eye Spy" quotes were submitted by our readers. We'd like them to again. Just e-mail the quote, who said it (a description of the person is fine), where and when they said it to Leila@boiseweekly.com.

Panty Raid

The photos of Saddam in his underpants have stirred quite a furor. And speaking of the Führer, when a reporter asked the Whitehouse spokesperson for Bush's reaction to the incident, he said, "The President has been briefed." How's that for pure genius? They just can't seem to do anything right back there since "light reader George" took over.

-Jim Spicka,


Garden Kudos

Great article by Jill Kuraitis in this week's Weekly (BW, GREEN, "Roses Vs. Rhodies," May 25, 2005). It should have been more toward the front with the rest of the political commentary instead of towards the back, where it could get easily confused with a gardening article or something.

That Kuraitis is one smart cookie.

-Steve Scanlin,


Driscoll Buzz

The buzz surrounding Bishop Driscoll's role in the sex scandal points out a problem that is being overlooked. In almost every case, a doctor's evaluation states, "they won't be a problem anymore." So who is more at fault, the bishops who naively took a doctor's word without checking the history, or the doctor that assured us there was no risk? Were records sealed by the politically correct "criminal rights system" that prevented deeper research? These priests were passed on by doctors who believed a couple of counseling sessions would cure the demonic sexual desire for children. If we criticize bishops and priests, which we should, then we should offer the same criticism for psychologists assuring us there was no risk. Yes, bishops did fan the flames by shoving known offenders out of their jurisdiction to save face because they knew they would get the blame despite the doctor's recommendation.

What is also interesting is that the psychology profession stated some years ago that pedophilia can be positive if it's done with tenderness. Perhaps the doctors believed the priests were just conducting therapy. What happened was inexcusable and all parties involved should face the full extent of Church and civil consequences. Perhaps if psychologists could be held liable for turning predators loose, they would think more carefully about their decisions.

I would also like to know where the criticism is for the lawyers taking $60 million for their own pockets and letting the sex abuse victims fight over the scraps. Will the media crucify the recent pedophile killers, parole and psych boards with the same vengeance put on the church?

-Keith Hoene,



Yesterday, I purchased a new bicycle from Pedersen's way out on Fairview by Eagle Road. I got what I wanted at a good price and was feeling like I was in seventh grade on my brand new 5-speed Stingray, although this time I was on my brand new 7-speed cruiser. I was riding it back into town and realized I was getting really thirsty. I was coming east on Chinden and saw some fast food restaurants on the corner of Glenwood. I rode my new bike through the drive through at McDonald's. They didn't respond to my squacking into the squack box, so I rode around to the window. When I made it to the window, (I had to wait for the car in front of me) the woman refused to serve me because I was on a bicycle. This happened at about 2:05 p.m. on May 26th. She said I had to park it and come in.

I said, "All I want is a medium Diet Coke," my mouth feeling like the Mojave Desert.

"I can't serve you here because of safety or health. Just come in." she said.

She didn't know why she couldn't serve me so I said, "I don't have a lock to lock my bike," which I didn't.

Then she said, "Just put it somewhere where you can see it from the window." Frustrated, angry, and still thirsty, I rode off knowing what it feels like to be denied something because of my mode of transport. I couldn't believe it! I was on my new bike. I wasn't going to abandon it unlocked for anything ... anywhere. I was dying of thirst, and I was being discriminated against because I was on a bicycle. A bicycle ... the most efficient, benign, earth-saving device available, and I couldn't get my Diet Coke at the drive-up window because I was riding one. I would think she'd appreciate me for not gassing her with my exhaust.

Mickey Dees won't be getting my business anymore.

-Chuck Myntti,


Editor's Note: How shocking to be treated in such a way by such an environmentally conscious corporation.

I once tried to drive backwards through a drive-thru so my passenger could order and pay but they wouldn't serve us either. Next time, just wheel your bike right inside. Call it a "seeing-eye bike" or something.

The Blob

It's not coming soon to a theater near you; it's for real, coming to your neighborhood, coming next door-"THE BLOB"! It's already in the city and will soon be by you. The Blob is a Costco-sized condo or apartment building. It will block out the sky, the sunshine, devour your trees, your space, your peace. Call 911! Speak up before it's too late!

If you think the monster condo on Crescent Rim is a problem only for that neighborhood, think again. It will happen in your neighborhood. There is a push for infill in Boise. Infill is an ambiguous term substituted for high-density, a word developers avoid at all costs, because "Too dense makes no sense." The Costco-sized condo on Crescent Rim thudded down beside one-story homes, too dense for the environment. This is what is intended for your neighborhood. It is an idea gathering speed like a runaway train, squashing everything in its path. Contact your neighborhood association now. Wave your neighborhood before it's too late.

-Darlene McMaster, Boise