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July 5, 2006


“A dream brings you one step closer to having to pay for analysis.” —Graham Lawrence

Dear Dream Zone, I've had this dream repeatedly on different nights that I was a little girl and I was outside in my yard running and flying coming down and jumping back up into the sky. Then I would be at the top of my hallway steps, I would just fall down the step and then I would be back up on the top step again looking down at me on the floor knocked out, but I didn't seem to be in pain. I was just there in a ball and unawake. I would wonder why I did that in my dream. I would dream it over and over again, the same thing, and it would repeat its self. —Gretchen 29, Boston, MA

Lauri: We often fly in our dreams when we are feeling "high on life." At the time of these dreams, what was going on in your life that made you feel care free and childlike or rejuvenated? Like they say, "what goes up, must come down." I believe that is the message these dreams were conveying to you. Your dreams must've been warning you that—if you didn't "wake up" and pay attention to what was really going on, you were likely headed for an emotional fall. And that is why your dreams kept repeating. Recurring dreams are the way we nag ourselves about something that might be going wrong. We have to give our self the same message again and again and again until we finally get it and do the right thing.

Gretchen replies: Thank you for your interpretation. It was helpful in the way of waking up and paying attention. I do understand that point on where it was coming from. Thanks again.

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