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July 28 2004




Mixed messages from PETA this week.

Last week news stations worldwide aired footage secretly filmed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) of employees kicking, throwing and stomping chickens at a West Virginia farm. Locally, on Friday, PETA swayed from its mission to stop exploiting animals and instead opted for exploiting sex and scantily people by having two people make out on a mattress at the corner of 8th and Main to promote vegetarianism.



The Attorney General's Office will ask the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider a decision issued last Friday affecting Idaho's statute governing abortion.

The state law in question prevents teens under 18 from having an abortion unless they obtained written consent from a parent or permission from a judge.

In its ruling the court concluded that the law was unconstitutional because it would "interfere with a woman's choice to undergo an abortion procedure if continuing her pregnancy would constitute a threat to her health."

"The Attorney General has a constitutional duty to defend legislative enactments," Deputy Attorney General Michael McPeek wrote in a letter to legislative leaders. "Consequently, the Attorney General's Office will file a petition for reconsideration with the Ninth Circuit. The petition will request that the court review the three-judge panel's decision en banc, reconsider that decision, and reverse it." An en banc panel in the Ninth Circuit consists of 11 judges, including the Chief Judge.

The state's motion for reconsideration en banc will stay the decision until the court acts upon the motion. If the court grants reconsideration, it is likely to continue the stay until the case is finally decided, meaning the statute remains in effect.

To read the ruling, go to, click on "opinions," then go to Planned Parenthood v. Lance.


"It never ends. I'm getting sick of the amount of time our staff is spending on this."

--Idaho Racing Commission Executive Director Jack Baker on the ongoing feud between Les Bois Racetrack operators Lariat Productions and the Idaho Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective Association at a July 22 special meeting of the Idaho Racing Commission. The commissioners voted to order a financial audit of Lariat Productions in an effort to make sense of the allegations being made about the company's financial stability.


U.S. CASUALTIES: As of 10 a.m. Monday, July 26, 908 U.S. service members have died since the war in Iraq began in March 2003: 673 in combat and 235 from noncombat-related incidents and accidents. Thirteen U.S. soldiers died last week in Iraq.

Source: U.S. Department of Defense

IRAQI CIVILIAN DEATHS: Estimated between 11,336 and 13,305.


COST OF IRAQ WAR: $124,694,000,000.


--Compiled by Cynthia Sewell