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July 27, 2005


I dreamed I was walking through my front yard when I noticed rustling in the bushes. On my to find out what it was, I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the window and noticed that I looked very wide like I was looking in a fun house mirror! I continued on to find out what was inside the bushes and discovered that it was a tiny baby pig! It fit perfectly in the palm of my hand. The weirdest part was that it had a long furry, red and white striped tail!

-Dee Dee

Richmond, VA

Lauri: Your dream is giving you a message about your appearance! When we see our reflection in a dream, what is looking back at us is the truth. No, I'm not calling you a wide load, sister. But I'll bet you-like so many of us gals-have a distorted view of your body, just as your reflection was distorted. And when we find something in a dream, it is revealing an element of our self we did not know was there. You find a baby pig! Your dream is showing you that you are beginning to nurture the wrong opinion of yourself. Have you called yourself a pig recently? Like the little piggy's ridiculous tail, this is an attitude you need to put "behind you."

Dee Dee replies: I recently had a baby and have been having a hard time with my new figure. My husband tells me I'm driving him crazy with my constant complaints about my stomach and thighs. Guess I should focus on nurturing my new baby and not my bad self-image. Thanks!

Fascinating Dream Fact: Harriet Tubman's dreams guided her along the Underground Railroad, helping her lead hundreds of slaves to freedom.

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