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July 20, 2005

Real Life Willie Wonka Opportunity • Ogata Chiropratic Food Drive


Real Life Willie Wonka Opportunity

Think your child is the best popsicle scientist on the block, even over little Jimmy next door? Prove it. Nestlé provides the opportunity, kids provide the resumé. In order to become a "frozen pop flavorologist" for a day, 12-and-unders across the nation will be submitting their idea for the world's coolest frozen pop by July 22, including a clever name and unique flavor description (like BW's vote for the Progressicle), and a "flavorful" resumé explaining why they are qualified for the position (ahem, we like popsicles, yah!), etc.

Ten youngsters will be chosen based on their "flavorful" merit for an all-expense-paid trip to visit the top secret, never before open to the public Nestlé Ice Cream factory in Southern California. Johnny Depp may not be there to greet the 10 lucky ducks (if he were, the contest would be bombarded with a slightly older, primarily female demographic), and Gene Wilder had a prior commitment as well, but this event has the magic of Disney meets an ice cream brainfreeze written all over it.

Once through the gates, the kids get a behind-the-scenes tour and the chance to learn the science behind the pops, before putting their tastebuds and flavorologist credentials to the test sampling their own flavor creations. Similar to another blockbuster plot (Big), the official taster for Nestlé Ice Cream, John Harrison, said "Most people don't realize that the frozen pop was actually invented in 1905 by an 11-year-old boy;" i.e. they need you.

The contest marks the celebration of Nestlé's 100th anniversary. Contestants must be residents of the U.S. between the ages of 6 and 12 and the complete exhaustive details can be found at Send submissions to Frozen Pop Flavorologist, Nestlé Ice Cream, 5929 College Ave., Oakland, CA, 94618. The winners will be selected based on the creativity, originality, enthusiasm and appeal of their entries, and will be notified the week of August 18. "We think it is fitting to mark this upcoming anniversary by offering pint-sized inventors a special opportunity to dream up their own frozen pop creations," said Harrison. "More than 2 billion frozen pops are enjoyed in the U.S. each year so we can't wait for kids to tell us about their own extraordinary flavor ideas." Hey Charlie, who's got the golden ticket now?

Ogata Chiropratic Food Drive

This Wednesday through Friday, Dr. Ty Ogata is continuing to offer free new patient exams and X-rays in exchange for food donations to the Idaho Foodbank. One in every eight children (49,570 to be exact, according to the U.S. Census) goes to bed hungry every night and Idaho is ranked the fourth hungriest state in the country. Free spinal adjustments are also offered for existing patients, so if you can part with three cans of non-perishable food items, the food beneficiaries, not to mention your spine, will be grateful. Ogata Chiropratic is located in the Eagle Crest Business Plaza at 5418 N. Eagle Rd., 938-3334.