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July 19, 2006


"The dreams you need to pay attention to are those that haunt you." —Clara Hill, PhD

Dear Dream Zone, I was walking down the street when a flock of birds crossed my path. They were carrying a ball shaped nest. I lightly pushed the nest to get passed it. One of the birds flew to me and pecked my hand. I held the bird like you would a dove. I decided to let it go but it flew back into my hand. I release it again but it came right back. —Nikole 31, Memphis, TN

Lauri: The birds represent some sort of freedom you have recently experienced or need to experience. The nest represents your home. Just as you pushed the nest to get by, are there any domestic/family issues you are "trying to get past?" The bird that comes over and pecks your hands is a part of you that is trying to get your attention. It is the part of you that wants to liberate yourself from things that are bringing you down. And it is pecking your hands because your hands are your ability to "handle" your affairs. Have you been feeling incapable lately? And just as the bird came back twice, has anything happened twice in your life recently? Have you been in and out of a relationship? Have you given up on some project or plan? The message of your dream is: don’t give up!

Nikole replies: This interpretation was just what I needed! I need freedom from my living arrangements (the nest). I’ve been living miserably in my childhood home providing for my grandmother, sister and niece since 2001. I've been planning to move since last year and twice I've run into stumbling blocks. I'm definitely trying to get past some financial and family issues. I was losing hope until I got this interpretation. I've had a headache for about 4 days now and it went away as I was reading your interpretation. Clarity is a wonderful thing!!!

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