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July 13, 2005


"Our dreams afford sufficient proof, The soul, without the flesh, can act."

-John Newton

I dreamed that my cat and I spent the night at another couple's house. In the morning, I was getting ready to leave and saw how cluttered their property was inside and out. As I was walking across the property, I saw big puddles of anti-freeze and I remembered my ex telling me that it will kill animals. I hoped my cat was smart enough to stay away from it. But then I turned around and saw him drenched in anti-freeze and gagging in pain. I grabbed him and woke up screaming my ex's name.

-Claudia 42, North East, MD

Lauri: The couple in your dream symbolizes you and your ex. Like your visit with them, your relationship with your ex was only temporary. Would you say your relationship, like the property, was cluttered with issues and hang-ups? Your cat is not playing himself either! Cats often symbolize pride and independence ... and even, to a woman, her sexuality! He's drenched in anti-freeze because YOU are overdoing something in order to numb yourself from your ex's "frozen" emotions. Your dream is telling you that, like your cat, you may be gagging in pain and your pride may be wounded but it isn't dead. And also like a cat, you too can land on all four of your feet when you take a fall!

Claudia replies: That's amazing! I have been working much more overtime since the break up to keep myself afloat emotionally. What better way is there to forget about "cold" emotions and the fact that there is no one to go home to? Wow, this is deep! I understand the message in the dream. It is a warning but also very hopeful.

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