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July 13, 2005

Spuds in All Their Splendor


Organizers of the World Potato Congress (WPC) announced Monday that they are partnering with Simplot Land & Livestock to host a major outdoor farm exhibit and demonstration show: (think Napoleon Dynamite winning first place for his milk testing "skills"). Held August 24 through 26 on the several hundred acres of a Simplot farm east of Grand View in the Snake River Valley, this is the first farm show to be held by WPC in America.

"Hosting this very prestigious event in partnership with one of the largest potato producers in the U.S., in one of the most productive potato-producing regions in the U.S., is a natural fit," said Tim O'Connor, president and CEO of the United States Potato Board. "We hope this will be a very successful component of the World Potato Congress," O'Connor said.

The first part of the program will be in town at the Centre on the Grove before shifting to the Simplot farm. The show will feature a hands-on view of a wide variety of equipment and crop management systems featuring the latest concepts and technology available to potato producers.

If your pickle isn't potatoes, there's still interesting stuff for the average farmer. The event combines the outdoor trade show exhibit with working field demonstrations and plots displaying everything from the latest genetics to the most modern equipment to cutting-edge crop protection and irrigation systems.

The WPC anticipates attracting several hundred companies and thousands of attendees from potato-producing countries-even an actual potato harvest showcasing the latest in digging, handling, sorting, transporting and storing techonology. Not to mention seed plots, crop protection systems and irrigation systems-it's gonna be a real riot.

As Simplot Land & Livestock is responsible for more than 40,000 acres of cropland in Idaho and another 42,000 acres in Washington State, it's fitting they will be this year's hostess with the mostess and the central event sponsor. "We look forward to hosting this show," said Tom Basabe, president of Simplot Land & Livestock. "I think attendees will be favorably impressed by the productivity and diversity of this agricultural area." Event-goers will also be able to view hay harvest and handling of sugar beets and corn. For further information, visit

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