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July 12, 2006


"I had a dream the other night. I dreamed that Jimmy Carter came to me and asked why I wanted his job. I told him I didn't want his job. I want to be President." —President Ronald Reagan

Dear Dream Zone, I had this dream last night that I was kept hostage at some cold dark place and the people kept trying to hurt me. Some of the people were people from work but I couldn't make out the faces of the others. Then my husband came into the picture but wasn't able to help me. I had nails in each side of my body. And it seemed like I just couldn't wake up and get out. What could this mean? —Jennifer 24, Wakefield, MA

Lauri: Where in your life are you feeling like a hostage: held back, trapped, unhappy and unable to express yourself? The people from your work may be a clue. Is this how you feel at work, my dear? The coldness and darkness of your dream's setting indicates there is a place in your life that feels cold and unemotional and you are "having a hard time seeing" your way out of it. Your husband is unable to help you in the dream because YOU are the only one that can get yourself out of this situation.The nails in your body indicate that you feel you are "nailed down" to this job or whatever this situation is. Your dream is showing you how this situation is making you feel ... and it's not healthy!

Jennifer replies: I want to thank you so much for explaining my dream. I was really confused why I would dream something like that. I guess I have to really think about my life and what I want to do with it. And you are right, only I can help myself. Thank you again.

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