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Juice! Album Release

The Olympic, Friday, Feb. 8


If you're a devotee of Boise's music scene, there's a good chance you've already heard of Juice!, even though the funk band is only now preparing to release its first album. The Boise-based four-piece, featuring vocalist Ashley Young, guitar player Jonah Engelund, bassist Sergio Gonzalez and drummer Scott Eisele, played Treefort last year, and has gigged around town with local notable Lounge on Fire and the Washington-based group Polyrhythmics. So it's welcome news in the City of Trees that on Friday, Feb. 8, the band will headline a show at The Olympic to celebrate the release of its first solo album, Skating Calls (self-released, 2019). Young's robust voice, which drips with blues and jazz undertones, is the driving force behind the group's seductive dance beats, and makes for compelling listening. If you've yet to catch Juice! live, don't worry—tracks "Dead Like Disco" and "F-Zero" are ready and waiting on Soundcloud to check out its sound ahead of the show.