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Josh Ritter

Sunday, Oct. 11, The Record Exchange


Boise is often seen as an anomaly. People who've never been here wonder why everyone from world-renowned dancers, musicians and authors to venture capitalists and tech giants choose to live in Boise. "Quality of life" is the pat answer but in reality, it's an intangible not easily defined and is what brings a number of artists who don't even live here anymore to come back to the City of Trees with new creative projects. Josh Ritter, one of Boise's (and Idaho's) favorite sons, is also one of our favorite artists and the feeling must be mutual, because on Sunday, Oct. 11, Ritter returns home and to the Record Exchange stage with his new release, Sermon on the Rocks (Pytheas Recordings, Oct. 16). Ritter's in-store performance is his only show in town and not only will hometown fans get to hear Sermon, they can purchase it before its official release date. With each new release, the down-to-earth Ritter shoots even further into the stratosphere and his Record Exchange in-stores are a rare opportunity to see him live in such a casual, intimate setting—one of those intangibles.