Josh Groban, Aug. 30, Botanical Garden

$75, Friday, Aug. 30, Idaho Botanical Garden


Josh Groban may be one of the last of his kind—a crooner commanding sold out crowds at massive venues across the United States. When thinking of his ilk, Frank Sinatra comes to mind. Singers who don't peddle flashy performances, play loud and raucous music or are even particularly exciting. In true crooner fashion, he even has a Christmas album. Groban is crossing the country on his Bridges Tour, starting in Illinois and ending in California. Groban is known for his smooth, appealing voice and relaxed presence. Nothing about Groban is particularly enthralling, but perhaps that's where the appeal of his music comes from. He is simple, unassuming and very simply put, just a singer. Much of Groban's music is heavily influenced by church tunes found at masses across the country. He'll be in Boise at the Botanical Garden on Friday, Aug. 30.

$75, Friday, Aug. 30, Idaho Botanical Garden,