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Jonathan Warren and the Billy Goats

Nov. 13, Visual Arts Collective


It took Jonathan Warren and the Billy Goats a full year to record their newest album, Bless My Soul. That's a drastic change in past recording timelines for the local folk/bluegrass band.

"Our last record, we recorded it in three days," said frontman Jonathan Warren. "Our first record, it took a few months. ... We used a more methodical approach [on Bless My Soul]. I had a vision for the album and stayed true to that vision. ... Less was left up to 'the moment.'"

The new album incorporates old-fashioned country-western complete with jovial piano keys and a rattling banjo, but stays true to the Billy Goats' raspy vocals and "psychobilly folk-grass."

The band will celebrate the release of their fourth album on Friday, Nov. 13 at the Visual Arts Collective at 8 p.m. They'll be joined by Curtis Sutton and the Scavengers for the 21-plus show that promises to have its patrons toe-tapping and swing dancing.