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Jonathan Richman to Show Boise some Modern Love

Punk Icon to Play Neurolux


One of the most influential periods for modern music was the New York punk scene of the mid '70s. It reined in the excess of the era to bring guts in the form of The Ramones, quirk in the form of Talking Heads and glam in the form of Blondie.

But one of the biggest influences was a Boston band called The Modern Lovers, which crafted raw, straightforward songs that paved the way for new wave and indie rock.

But like so many influential bands, commercial success wasn't part of the deal. The band struggled to secure a record deal and eventually split, with its members finding success in projects like The Cars and Talking Heads.

The band's lead singer and songwriter, Jonathan Richman, went a different direction and scaled things back to focus on acoustic music with clear overtones of pop and jazz. But Richman's voice remains, and it is as intriguing and raw as ever.

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