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Johnson: One Too Many


Former sportscaster turned frontline bad-news reader Mark Johnson was arrested last Saturday night for not paying attention to the public service announcements on his own station. Specifically, the Channel 7 news anchor ignored Sara Chalke of Scrubs, who coos on a "The More You Know" segment, "What's more important? A few drinks, or your life? If you drink and drive, you're saying that you come second."

What came second for Johnson was a .09 reading on a blood alcohol level test, after a first reading put him at .1. The legal limit was lowered to .08 from .1 in Idaho in 1997. D'oh!

The following night, Johnson let the largest viewership in the valley into his personal liquor cabinet by apologizing on-air. "It is a situation I truly regret, and for which I am ashamed," he said. "I will take full responsibility for my actions, no matter the outcome." Then he added a bunch of other stuff about lessons and hard work and cherishing the community and so forth.